Unravelling: featuring’s approach to tackling clothes waste

As a staggering 92 million tonnes of clothing waste is produced annually, we prioritise utilizing digital tools and keeping up with sustainable advancements in the fashion industry to leave a positive impact on the environment.
To further advance our digital sustainability initiatives, we developed a four-streams to minimise our contribution to landfill waste: material virtualisation, digital pattern development, 3D style creation, and product sales and marketing.

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featuring: Digi-hub Wrapped

In 2023, a global team consisting of a digi-hub based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Dongguan, China, together with a head office in Hong Kong, organised several events and training sessions to promote digital transformation among a diverse range of industries. Now is the moment to gather and highlight the significant events taking place inside our prominent team in 2023. We are eagerly anticipating the expansion of digital development and solutions in 2024.

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Ecoshot’s Case Study ‘How AI Brought featuring LIMITED’s Vision to Life in Days’

The featuring team has been using Ecoshot’s generative-AI techniques from Metail’s AI Imagery product since 2020. Despite facing challenges in AI production timing and poses, Ecoshot’s Generative AI enabled quick and quality-driven model production. featuring LIMTED met deadlines, created digital models that matched fit avatars, and eliminated manual adjustments. The experiment demonstrated the effectiveness of AI over traditional methods and the quality of AI-generated models, showcasing the future of digital fashion presentation.

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Oi Dhaka Became A Design Studio

The Oi Ernsting’s family team in Dhaka and featuring’s digi hub transformed the Oi Dhaka 7th floor into a pop-up Design Studio for an Ernsting’s family visit in September 2023 to showcase not only the market’s creativity but also Oi’s digital approach to product development combined with a new showroom concept.

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