3D Product Design Solutions make Design Fast & Flexible

Save costs and resources by implementing 3D solutions in your processes.  Not sure where to begin? At featuring LIMITED we are specialising in providing you the support you need to start the digitalisation journey.  Our priority is digitising and customising processes. By means of 3D technology we deliver fast and yet remain flexible.


Avoid fitting issues right from the beginning of your product design process

Our simulations are more than only pretty pictures. The foundation for all our developments are high quality digital assets, a professional pattern development, the right sizing and correct fabric physics.

heat map simulation


For more information about our solutions get in touch with us.

Recent Stories

Virtual Fabric for 3D Product Design: How & Why

It is important to use accurate fabric virtualization in 3D product design prior to the digital design processes, such as creating patterns and virtual prototypes, style testing for physical prototypes, and finally, creating a virtual showroom. Accurate virtual fabric can help achieve the correct appearance when dressing up different styles and models. It can also help all parties evaluate the correct fit by previewing the pressure and tension map and adjusting the pattern accordingly in Vstitcher to instantly improve and perfect the fitting before a style test.

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[featuring LIMITED: Digi-Hub Dhaka] Academia Workshop Part 2

This academia workshop aims to assist the apparel industry with embracing the digital revolution. Apart from the competition to win a three-month internship with featuring LIMITED in Dhaka, the experience at our Digi-hub offered this new generation the opportunity to explore and experiment with tools that may be essential in their future careers.

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[featuring LIMITED] We are open to visitors: Welcome to Digi-Hub Dongguan!

The Digi-Hub is open to all OI and non OI vendors, agencies, students and everyone who wants to experience and try the Browzwear software. We have prepared demonstration focusing product development and fabric virtualisation. Both sessions can be booked via our booking website. For special content or customized sessions, please get in touch with the team to discuss further details.

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‘3D Denim X Academia’ Workshops presented by featuring LTD in collaboration with Browzwear

https://www.featuring.ltd/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/featuring-limited-workshop-clip.mp4 Educating, training, and advocating for digital transformation are all parts of the goal. featuring LIMITED believes digital solutions will dominate a significant portion of the textile supply chain in the future. Since establishing our learning and skill-building Digi-hub in 2021 in partnership with Browzwear,

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