3D Product Design Solutions make Design Fast & Flexible

Save costs and resources by implementing 3D solutions in your processes.  Not sure where to begin? At featuring LIMITED we are specialising in providing you the support you need to start the digitalisation journey.  Our priority is digitising and customising processes. By means of 3D technology we deliver fast and yet remain flexible.


3D Product Design
3D Product Design

Avoid fitting issues right from the beginning of your product design process

Our simulations are more than only pretty pictures. The foundation for all our developments are high quality digital assets, a professional pattern development, the right sizing and correct fabric physics.

heat map simulation


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"Working with featuring LIMITED means we save a lot of time as our first fit samples have a better fit thanks to their 3D development service"

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Jeanologia X featuring LIMITED 3D garment finishing

Recently we teamed up with the R&D lab at Jeanologia, a pioneer in innovating sustainable technology for the textile industry, to compare normal jeans production with 3D garment finishing Laser technology from Jeanologia. Our goal was to prove the efficiency and advantages of the laser technology, as it

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3D saves time and resources Virtual designs and prototypes change traditional product development. Prototypes can be created digitally, and the use of physical materials can be reduced to a minimum. Sending samples and materials from far-way factories can be reduced and in the future literally

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Watch the Browzwear Webinar – Selling with 3D

BREAKING DOWN PHYSICAL BARRIERS Katharina Bobrowski, GM at featuring Limited, participated on 22nd of September 2020, together with Jim Downing, CEO from Metail in the Browzwear Webinar “Selling with 3D – BREAKING DOWN PHYSICAL BARRIERS” joined by it’s CEO Avihay Feld. You can watch the

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