Experience the advantages of 3D knit technology with CREATE DESIGN by KM.ON

featuring x KM.ON

Since 2021, the featuring team has used 3D sweater knit technology, a demanding endeavour that requires expertise and ingenuity. The team has implemented the CREATE DESIGN methodology, created by KM.ON, to expedite the process of development on virtual yarn and knit, minimise the amount of materials and physical samples used, streamline the presentation of styles for style testing, calculate and evaluate styles for quick quotation, expedite the development timeline, and improve the speed at which products reach the market.

The featuring’s digi-hub set up two fully STOLL machines to produce tangible samples and compare them with their digital twins. The collaboration with KM.ON enhanced the modelling of 3D designs and the development of executable files, which facilitated the production of precise physical prototypes. The customer used digital showrooms to assess, provide feedback on, and authorise designs, therefore diminishing reliance on tangible examples.

KM.ON has published a success story detailing how the featuring team used CREATE DESIGN to assist customers in achieving their primary goal in 3D solutions.

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