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3D In Footwear Development

3D design software and 3D printing is allowing you to explore more production possibilities than ever before. 3D modeling provides a fully realistic, interactive, 360 degree view of a product instantly—3D printing allows you to actually have a tangible model made in a matter of hours as opposed to months, and at a fraction of previous costs. Move through an innovation cycle much faster than traditional methods.


Revolutionize Your Footwear Development with 3D

1 Sample

Condense the sampling process to 1 sample only

Visualization of ideas for quick decision making

3D Heel Print

Latest heel designs in a matter of hours


3D printed heel matches the bottom curve of selected last

Use 3D printed heel for sample

Time & Cost

Cut down the time-to-market

Optimized production process

Safe eCom expenditure

Start Digitizing your Footwear Development Today

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