Ecoshot’s Case Study ‘How AI Brought featuring LIMITED’s Vision to Life in Days’

TRONOG is a company that uses technology to accelerate positive change and sustainability in the apparel industry by enhancing collaboration, decision-making, and product waste through 3D body modelling and virtual model imagery.

Recently, Ecoshot Studio published a case study about ‘GEN AI, featuring case study’.

Since 2020, the featuring team has been using TRONOG’s AI Imagery product Ecoshot’s generative AI techniques to serve our customers. As noted in the post, our team has faced several hurdles while providing our customers with AI production timing and poses offered to turn out digitization approaches compared to traditional photography.

With the help of Ecoshot’s Generative AI, which provides speed, flexibility, and pose variety, allowing for quick and quality-driven model production, featuring LIMTED was able to meet stringent deadlines, create digital models that match existing fit avatars, and eliminate the need for manual adjustments. The experiment demonstrated the effectiveness of AI over traditional methods as well as the quality of AI-generated models, demonstrating that digital models can compete in visual appeal with real-life ones. By showcasing the future of digital fashion presentation, our team delivered an amazing approach that exceeded our expectations.

Katharina Bobrowski, General Manager at featuring Limited, was quoted in the blog as saying that the new Generative AI from Ecoshot demonstrates the speed and efficiency of AI in 3D garment production, generating lifelike models in just 4 days and revolutionising the sector.

The article shows the advantages of Ecoshot’s generative AI technology, such as speed, flexibility, pose variation, and realism. It is capable of meeting deadlines and providing digital models that correspond to avatars. Generic AI approaches remove pose restrictions by displaying 3D designs with realistic and dynamic poses and dispelling doubt.

Apart from benefits, also mentioned some unspoken advantages of helping brands sell more garments by using Ecoshot’s AI-generated models.

Read the entire article on the original blog.

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