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Add Value And Sustainability To Your Business

We support you in your digital transformation journey and help to add value and sustainability to your business with 3D. Our team of experts is going to support you in three areas: Cost, Risk and Revenue.

Reduce costs by e.g. reducing sample and  inventory. Minimise your financial risks by e.g. shortening the time to market significantly. Increase the revenue by e.g. shorter lead times, customer driven collections, lower return rates.

Featuring LTD. is a 100% subsidiary of Otto International (OI), the sourcing organisation of the Otto Group. Like its parent company, featuring LIMITED is globally active, have staff within key markets.


Do you want to benefit from fully digitised workflows? Start the digital transformation now and achieve a waste free & collaborative supply chain and benefit your business with consumer driven developments. 

A typical product development cycle is characterised by a lot of back and forth communication and downtimes. 

Downtimes; while someone produces the samples, or waits for the materials to be ready, prepares or waits for the comments, or simply because the samples are still in transit. The list goes on. 


On average, it takes 40 weeks from the idea to seeing your product in your online shop. Dozens of physical samples per styles is a reality for many companies.

Reduce your time-to-market significantly and profit from all benefits that a fully digitalised workflow brings to your organisation. Say good-bye to the majority of your physical samples, and add sustainability to your business

Speed to Market with Holistic Workflows

"I just wanted to reach out to let you know how pleased and happy we were after reviewing the 3D samples. We had our sample review meeting, and everything looked GREAT! Overall the outcome and success of this process was remarkable. And most importantly, we were 100% on-time – all samples met the requested due date."
Cara A., SR. Product Development Manager


Digitalizing the fashion supply chain from design and production to marketing and selling is necessary for a brand to maintain competitiveness, meet sustainability objectives and run more cost-effectively. Our team is going to support you in this process and help you implementing 3D design solutions wherever possible in order to reduce sample lead time, save resources, reduce eCommerce costs and reduce the overall negative environmental impact.

The Future is Digital

Implement 3D solutions in your supply chain and redefine your business. What if you could only include tested items in your collections? What if you would only produce what has been sold to your consumer? The future of the apparel industry is digital. Digital solutions enable you to reduce risks, save resources and increase your revenue. 


basic or advanced simulation - just what you need


end-to-end digital workflows


3D Allows Changes Without Consequences

One pattern and endless possibilities. Build your digital foundations e.g. fabric and pattern archive to scale your operation. 3D gives you the possibility to develop, modify your design endless times until you reach your styling decision. Our real-to-life simulation enable you to make informed decisions and test your creations without the need to for physical samples. 

Digital Transformation
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