‘3D Denim X Academia’ Workshops presented by featuring LTD in collaboration with Browzwear

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Educating, training, and advocating for digital transformation are all parts of the goal. featuring LIMITED believes digital solutions will dominate a significant portion of the textile supply chain in the future.

Since establishing our learning and skill-building Digi-hub in 2021 in partnership with Browzwear, we have successfully launched a number of workshops aimed at different levels of the textile supply chain within the fashion industry. Previously, we had workshops on the topics of smart design techniques for woven products and graphic design in 3D to engage with perspectives.  

featuring LIMITED steps forward to the next milestone. By mid of November 2022, two separate workshops were also held by Digi-hubs in Dhaka, which aimed at discovering the real value and potential of 3D in denim apparel design, and an Academia Workshop on how to become a 3D Champion to help and induct a new generation into appreciating the importance of 3D design skills. 

Eileen Tan (Regional Director- Business Development – Asia), Shanley Phua (Client Success Lead), and Jagdish Sethuraman (3D Specialist) from Browzwear attended this workshop to meet with the participants and provide support to the featuring LIMITED team during both workshops. 

A Workshop ‘3D for Denim apparel - Why would you? - Discover the real value & potential for your organization’

– 17th November 2022

In the middle of November, featuring LIMITED organised a workshop with a focus on 3D denim design. Through this workshop, we intended to introduce and explore more 3D solutions that are available for use with denim products. It was decided to invite 20 guests, including denim garment vendors, denim washing manufacturers, denim fashion designers, trim suppliers, and a selection of Browzwear’s prospects, to discuss 3D denim solutions.

Welcome Speech

(By Katharina Bobrowski, General Manager, featuring LIMITED)

Katharina Bobrowski, featuring LIMITED General Manager, welcomed all participants at the OI Dhaka office and introduced the company’s global team structure, its functions per office, and its adaptable digital services. Furthermore, she explained Digi-Hub’s objectives, functions, and purpose. 

Digitalisation For Apparel Industry - Whys & How’s - The 3D Denim Ways

(by Shanley Phua, Client Success Lead, Browzwear, and Jagdish Sethuraman, 3D Specialist, Browzwear)

In the following segment of the workshop, Shanley Phua, Client Success Lead at Browzwear presented on the topic of “Digitalisation for the Apparel Industry- Whys and How’s with 3D Denim Ways”. Her speech began with a brief description of the traditional methods used to challenge the development process of denim products in the current market prior to discussing virtual denim. 

Through the use of a digital twin, she outlined a method for allowing apparel companies to make physical samples in an alternative manner. As she continued, she drove home the sustainable dimension and demonstrated how using 3D denim can reduce costs, shorten development lead times, and reduce environmental impact. Finally, Jagdish Sethuraman, 3D Specialist, Browzwear, took over and continued to demonstrate how 3D denim design can complete the process with the absolute best results on style presentation such as constructing digital prototypes, evaluating garment fit, evolving design options, and demonstrating innovative design processes like wash & finish effect, seam & stitch, and trim application on virtual denim. 

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Exploring Digitalisation on 3 Workstations

The participants then had the opportunity to learn more digitisation from three different perspectives: fabric, wash creation, and wash application. Each aspect had its own dedicated workstation for attendees to explore. 

-Fabric Virtualisation Workstations

(By Jannatul Moni, Digi-hub Operations Officer, featuring LIMITED)

This workstation provided participants with the opportunity to control, manipulate, and digitise fabric. Before introducing and demonstrating two types of devices used to create virtual fabrics, our Digi-hub Operations Officer, Jannatul Moni first prepared the denim fabric. For examining the fabric’s structure and texture, the Vizoo Xtex Scanner was utilised, along with Browzwear’s Fabric Analyzer (FAB), which was used for testing its physical properties. The resulting combination of data allowed Jannatul to complete the online development of the ideal virtual material. After demonstrations, the participants were then invited to participate in a hands-on exercise. 

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-Wash Creation Workstation

(By Jagdish Sethuraman, 3D Specialist, Browzwear)

This workstation provided participants with the opportunity to learn how to create and simulate wash effects on 3D virtual denim. It was led by Jagdish Sethuraman, a Browzwear 3D Specialist, and included importing patterns into Photoshop, adding whiskers with the transform tool, incorporating PP effects with the Lasso tool, and finally applying distress effects using Photoshop. As a follow-up, Hasibur Rahman, a graphic designer at featuring LIMITED, assisted participants in developing their own wash effects on 3D virtual denim, with Jagdish’s instructions as a guide. 

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Wash Application Workstation

(By Cynthia Sircar, 3D Product Developer, featuring LIMITED)

The purpose of this workstation was to allow participants to gain an understanding of how to apply wash to 3D denim using Browzwear’s Vstitcher tool. In addition, participants were able to render their designs. Cynthia Sircar, a 3D product developer at featuring LIMITED, demonstrated how to plug the wash effect into Vstitcher, to drag and drop the wash effect on the desired pattern block to apply the effect, and finally to experiment with the effects through different options to create the desired denim style virtually. Afterwards, with the help of Soroz Hasin, a 3D product developer at featuring LIMITED, all participants were able to practise this process  to their own denim models. so that they could  create a successful design with Cynthia’s help. 

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Our Journey with 3D denim

(By Aurelie Rob, Dhaka Digi-hub Manager, featuring LIMITED, and Cynthia Sircar, 3D Product Developer, featuring LIMITED)

Upon returning from a short breakAurelie Rob, Manager of the Dhaka Digi-hub of featuring LIMITED, led the final part, focusing on ‘Our Journey with 3D Denim’. She provided a number of side topics such as a session on digital assets, virtual fitting on denim, and presenting 3D designs to clients. Moreover, Cynthia Sircar shared concrete examples of how simulations can be enhanced for a more realistic view. This presentation intended to give all participants a thorough understanding of how 3D denim design can be applied to their business and market needs. 

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Sharing Experience

All of the participants participated in a question-and-answer session at the end of the workshop, where they expressed their gratitude for such a hands-on experience. Participants said they enjoyed each of the workstations since as they showed how 3D could be applied to their own business operations and workflow. In the course of presenting and participating in the workstation activities, participants said they gained a deeper understanding of the benefits and intentions of the digital journey. Additionally, some attendees shared their own experiences at the workshop. 


3D development is  very exciting for me. It was shown to be very reliable and efficient. If a workshop is featured at your organisation, I am interested in joining. 

Rashe Sunny, Manager

Texeurop (BD) Ltd

At the end of the workshop, there was time for networking to better understand each supplier's situation 

Alson Ng, Senior Regional Marketing Manager

YKK Holdings Asia

I thank you very much for a wonderful, refreshing, and friendly collaborative event. 

Jubayer Sabuj, 3D Designer

Liz Fashion Industry Limited

Academia Workshop ‘Ready to Become a 3D Champion?’

– 18th November 2022

It is our belief that digital solutions will become an increasingly prominent part of textile supply chains in the future. So, our Digi-Hub is committed to promoting 3D product design in order to facilitate its adoption. To achieve this goal, Digi-hub x Browzwear have partnered with Shanto-Mariam University in Bangladesh. This collaboration is intended to contribute to the preparation of a new generation of product developers and assist them in acquiring the necessary 3D skills for this revolutionary change to the industry. 

On 18th November 2022, 15 selected students were invited to participate in the workshop titled ‘Ready to Become a 3D Champion’ at the Dhaka Digi-hub. This workshop provided students with an overview of featuring LIMITED, as well as a review of 3D knowledge. They were then presented with competitive challenge with an enticing prize. Following the workshop, students will be supported with Browzwear University Courses and gain access to the Digi-Hub for face-to-face meetings with our Dhaka Digi-Hub team. These students will work on their submissions for the featuring LIMITED 3D Design Competition. A 3-month internship opportunity will be offered to the winning student who will get the opportunity to work alongside our Dhaka team and gain a deeper understanding of 3D virtual design. 

Welcome & Introduction

(By Katharina Bobrowski, General Manager, featuring LIMITED)

Katharina Bobrowski, General Manager of featuring LIMITED, welcomed all the selected students. She outlined Digi-hub’s function and mission, as well as the services it offers. Also, she briefly discussed the textile industry’s circumstances and changes, and how digital solutions are becoming increasingly dominant in the market. She stated her belief that to meet the upcoming demands of the industry, it is imperative that the younger generation is prepared and well-equipped.


What do we do at featuring LTD?

(By featuring LIMITED Dhaka Team)

Aurelie Rob, Manager of the Dhaka Digi-hub of featuring LIMITED, introduced the Dhaka Team who then each separately presented their own topics. 

Why 3D? The Digital Revolution in Fashion

(By Eileen Tan, Regional Director- Business Development – Asia, Browzwear)

All students were welcome to attend the academia workshop, led by Eileen Tan, Browzwear’s Regional Director of Business Development – Asia. She provided an overview of Browzwear’s services, solutions, functions, and missions. She presented some digital styles and renderings so that the students could gain a deeper understanding of what digital fashion is. She then discussed how traditional methods can evolve into digital methods. In order to enhance all students’ interest in the 3D journey, she demonstrated several product simulations and renders before moving on to the next session. Afterwards, she showed some examples of 3D renderings being used in e-commerce and ended her presentation by sharing some digitalisation business models to illustrate how 3D can improve business processes. 

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The Competition Details & Summary

(By Aurelie Rob, Dhaka Digi-hub Manager, featuring LIMITED)

Aurelie Rob then outlined the timeline for the featuring LIMITED 3D Design Competition. Afterwards, she demonstrated how to access Browzwear University, the Vstitcher trial license, and the featuring LIMITED fabrics and trims library, so that the students can fully utilise the software available to them to continue developing their own designs for the Competition. The workshop ended with a question-and-answer session about the competition and 3D product design general. 

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"It is a workshop about real-life work experience in 3D design, so it will enhance my work experience and enrich my knowledge of 3D design. It is for this reason that I am motivated to attend this workshop."

Rafia Sultana

"Taking part in this workshop will enable me to gain a better understanding of how new media works on an international level."

Md. Abul Kalam Azad

"The subjects I enjoy most are those related to design. My focus was on 3D designs, which I found to be extremely interesting. That is why I am very interested in participating in the workshop."

Tasfia Tasnim

"My greatest contribution to my studies thus far has been the opportunity to represent and participate in redefining cultural norms. It encourages creative thinking, experimentation, and statement-making. As a fashion student, I will learn for myself what it means to be different, stylish, and edgy as trends change from season to season."

Mahamuda Akter Bonna

As a follow-up to two highly successful workshops, featuring LIMITED is planning the next one for March 2023. The initial focus will be on digital sweater knit to establish a roadmap. 

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