A Workshop ‘Showcase: Your Graphic Designs on 3D with the Most Realistic Outlook’ by featuring LIMITED and Browzwear

Digi-Hubs Workshop

Our Digi-hubs, which were established in partnership with Browzwear by the end of 2021, offer a learning and skill-building environment for 3D apparel manufacturers, suppliers, designers, pattern makers, technical designers, and aspiring designers. The aim is to educate and train as well as advocate for digital transformation.

A successful Digi-hub workshop was held in June 2022. After three months, featuring LIMITED launched the second round of workshops in collaboration with Browzwear at our Dhaka Digi-Hub in September 2022. Hands-on sessions covered the topic ‘Showcase Your Graphic Design in 3D with the Most Realistic Outlook’.

Before the workshop, to gain a deeper understanding of diverse expertise on digitalisation, featuring LIMITED invited 30 guests that included knit manufacturers, universities, buyers, and prospects for Browzwear.

Eileen Tan, Regional Sales Director at Browzwear, was invited to join the event via VC and spoke about how 3D unlocks value for everyone.

Welcome and Introduction

(By Katharina Bobrowski, General Manager, featuring LIMITED)

At the beginning of the workshop, participants arrived at the OI Dhaka office and featuring LIMITED General Manager Katharina Bobrowski introduced the global team structure, its functions per office, and its adaptable digital services. She also explained Digi-Hub’s goal, functions, and purpose. Each participant gained a deeper understanding of featuring LIMITED through this workshop.

Speed-up showcasing process with 3D

(By Aurelie Rob, Dhaka Digi-hub Manager, featuring LIMITED)

The workshop was then continued by Aurelie Rob, featuring LIMITED’s Dhaka’s Digi-hub manager. She discussed how to speed up the showcasing process with 3D. During that part of the session, she detailed how she utilised Browzwear’s Vstitcher and other related tools to optimise the process by using 3D.

A brief description of the problems with a traditional collection showcasing was followed by an outline of how to create a 3D collection that solves those problems. By describing the 3D process, such as 3D fabric digital assets, showing endless possibilities by using one pattern, and demonstrating smart design software, all participants were able to better comprehend the main process. Finally, there were two different platforms included in the presentation related to eCommerce. These were Stylezone, which is used to showcase style with the benefits of instant communication and comments, and Flixstock, which is intended to visualise silhouettes instantly.

Increase clients’ adoption through 3D

(By Aurelie Rob, Dhaka Digi-hub Manager, featuring LIMITED)

It was clear to all participants that 3D could enable them to speed up the showcase process and that eCommerce was a viable way to do so as well. Aurelie then continued discussing the client’s approach to style adoption through 3D. To give more details on what 3D style adoption looks like, different simulations and human-like models were displayed after describing how 3D is used for various purposes such as design, fitting evaluation, salesmen/photoshoot samples, and e-commerce. As a final step, she took a few style samples to demonstrate the quality improvement on simulations under different criteria, such as V-Ray resolution, 3D virtual fabric outcome, lighting, and more realistic details on style and avatars.

Exploring Digitalisation on 4 Workstations

Four different workstations were set up for participants to explore digitisation in different areas: Fabric, Graphics, Design, and Model Simulations.

Workshop reveals 'Showcase: Your Graphic Designs in 3D with the Most Realistic Aspect'

For each of the 4 workstations, participants rotated between groups to focus on fabric virtualisation, graphic design, smart design, and Ecoshot.

Fabric Digitisation Workstation (by Jannatul Moni, Digi-hub Operations Officer, featuring LIMITED)

The participants learned how to control, manipulate, and digitise fabric at this workstation. Jannatul Moni, our Digi-hub Operations Officer, first prepared the fabric before introducing and demonstrating two kinds of devices used to create virtual fabrics: the Vizoo Xtex Scanner for examining the fabric’s structure and texture; and Browzwear’s Fabric Analyser (FAB) for testing its physical properties. Through the combination of data, she completed the online release of the ideal virtual material. Afterwards, each participant was invited to try out an operation.

Graphic Design Showcasing Workstation (by Hasibur Rahman, Graphic Designer, featuring LIMITED)

By taking part in this workshop, participants were able to practise and learn how to create countless styles simply by using one piece of artwork. Browzwear’s Vstitcher is compatible with Adobe Illustrator which enables adding, customising, and validating AI prints. During the demonstrations, Graphic Designer Hasibur Rahman explained and demonstrated placement as well as all-over printing. A graphic on Vstitcher can be rotated, scaled, recoloured, repositioned, and texture added by editing all graphic possibilities. Afterwards, participants experimented with 3D graphics in Vstitcher, followed by Hasibur’s instructions.

Design Workstation (by Cynthia Sircar, 3D Product Developer, featuring LIMITED)

By participating in this workshop, participants gained a better understanding of smart design and how to optimise the process of style creation. Our 3D Product Developer Cynthia first showed how to control the smart design, select styles, change colours, and add prints to the collection. Participants then attempted to operate the smart design to output different print styles in the quickest time possible.

Optimise the development process by implementing Smart Design

Realistic Simulation on Model Workstation (by Soroz Hasin, 3D Product Developer, featuring Limited)

This workshop was conducted by Soroz another of our Product Developers, who demonstrated how to create the Ecoshot model. Participants can learned how to create a human-like model to present a 3D style directly for eCommerce by learning the process of 3D style simulation. Soroz explained the differences between Ecoshot in free-trial preview mode and the hi-res version. The former is limited to avatars and poses, but the quick render was provided to preview the overall outfit result. The latter involved an extensive collection of avatars and poses; the style images were used to plug into Metail to create a human-like model for eCommerce. As instructed by Soroz, participants dressed up the Ecoshot model avatar and used a plug-in to preview the style and high-resolution images. Participants were able to retrieve high-resolution images from the Ecoshot Image hub to render realistic model simulations.

A 3D Exploration of how to Unlock the Value

(by Eileen Tan, Regional Director Asia, Browzwear)

In the next session, Browzwear’s Asia Regional Director Eileen Tan presented how to unlock value by 3D exploring. She briefly described the challenges in the traditional approval industry, including lower profit margins, inaccurate fit evaluation, environmental impacts, cost impacts, and a multitude of trend cycles. In comparison to conventional processes, she explained why digitalisation is necessary. In addition, she explained how switching from digital development to direct sales for eCommerce would be a more streamlined and sustainable approach and resulting in many benefits, such as a quick time-to-market, quality validation and improvement, protecting the environment by eliminating physical samples, and reducing costs with true-to-life digital twins of the garment. Lastly, she provided advice on how to ensure business sustainability.

At the end of the event, all attendees participated in a question-and-answer session, where they shared that such a hands-on workshop was a positive experience for them. Participants enjoyed each of the workstations because they were able to achieve different graphic prints in various styles in a short time. Through presenting theory and taking part in the workstation activities, all participants gained a deeper understanding of the benefits and intentions of the digital journey.

Following this successful workshop, featuring LIMITED is planning the next one for November 2022. An initial focus will be on digital denim to initiate planning and establish a road map.

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