Live Webinar ‘Unlock benefits of 3D technology in Knit’

On January 23, 2024, the featuring team hosted a live webinar titled ‘Unlocking the Benefits of 3D Technology in Knit’. A one-hour webinar demonstrated how featuring’s 3D team alters knitwear in 3D and maximises its value.


  • Introduce the 3D software we apply on knit simulation
  • Advance feature to make 3D more realistic
  • How to display 3D style?
  • How 3D service benefit our customer business?
  • Communicate Vendor/featuring
  • Fitting pilot

If you are unable to attend the webinar or want to replay it, here is the recording on this webinar.

Part 01: Introduction

Part 02: 3D Simulation Showcases

Part 03: 3D Customer Showcase

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