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Showcase 3D Knit and 3D Lingerie with a Realistic Outlook

Our 3D product development team regularly comes together to share experiences to enhance the realistic appearance of 3D products. In the past month, the team has developed a technique skilled for 3D Knit and 3D Lingerie more realistic outlook for getting the market needs.
In eCommerce, the caliber of the product visuals can set the brand apart. Especially now, since customers are not easy to check out products up-close in a store, high-quality, realistic representations of products are always important to them.

Traditionally, designers mostly request a lot of physical samples for each design option to review and try on before confirming the style and launching the photo shoot. Product virtualization is the most effective way to give designers the flexibility they need to build up their design mindset and explore unlimited possibilities. A virtual prototype can be used to test designs, show clients how finished products will look, and for marketing purposes. 

For prospective customers to understand what they’re getting, a virtual prototype must provide a much more realistic representation of the product. We will now look at the showcase regarding 3D knits and 3D lingerie and how we can provide a more realistic perspective.

Virtual Knit Fabric by APEXFiz- Shima Seiki

The team chooses the yarn from an extensive library named YARNBANK issued by  Shima Seiki to perform realistic simulations of mohair yarn. By combining the skill and technique of virtual software APEXFiz developed by Shima Seiki, the virtual fabric can be simulated with a more realistic outlook.

By zooming in, it is showing the mohair texture coming up from virtual fabric. In addition, it is unlimited to change various colourways to perform different style options for the development collection.

360° view of 3D Knit Simulation
Utilizing the APEXFiz technique, the team is more efficient in evaluating fit and checking styles with a 360° view; it contains a wide variety of features that can support a wide range of customer requirements. A single platform will allow for unlimited style modifications and changes.

Artwork and Design by STOLL and KM.ON

By combining STOLL & KM.ON’s advanced techniques with Browzwear‘s Vstitcher, our team created 3D knit simulations. Using the software called K.INNOVATION CREATE DESIGN, developed by STOLL & KM.ON, the team studied some digital patterns and made some digital stitches. 

After searching the material library for stitch and yarn inspections, they simulated the realistic outcome of the structure and artwork. Finally, the artworks have been converted into various jacquards using the jacquard generator. On the same jacquard pattern, yarn, colour, and stitch can be changed to give a different outcome and appearance. By zooming in, the structure and texture of the 3D virtual platform can be seen.

Design export to Vstitcher for Style Simulation 
CREATE DESIGN exports the design for simulation in Browzwear’s Vstitcher to check style, fit, and stitching. The DXF vector shapes can be stitched together to create a virtual garment in Browzwear’s Vstitcher. Finally, the normal and displacement map are used for achieving realistic knitwear simulations, such as surface appearance and texture.

Realistic 3D Lingerie Virtual Fabric

Browzwear’s fabric scanner has created and designed the lace fabric virtually to accurately determine its physical properties, from its thickness to its stretch and bend. Fabric structure has been captured by combining this with Vizoo’s Xtex. To ensure true-to-life simulation, the virtual lace fabric has been redesigned and finalized on Browzwear’s Vstitcher.

3D Lingerie Style Simulation

The finalized lace virtual fabric has been integrated into Browzwear’s Vstitcher to create the 3D lingerie style. Upon style confirmation, VitalFit (developed by VitalMechanics) will be used to evaluate fit. In addition to having high-fidelity soft avatars, VitalFit captures the nonlinearity and anisotropy of fabric physics and garment construction. Once the fit has been confirmed, the team can instantly adjust and finalize the style using Browzwear’s Vstitcher. The digital human model is also being applied to creating eCOM imagery.

Simulation Test with FLIXSTOCK

The team handles the complexity of eCommerce imagery assets. The team can showcase digital collections in various styles on the same virtual model. By giving positive feedback and testing styles to go forward to the next step, it is much simpler to control and predict the style time-to-market. In addition to saving time, it is also cost-effective. We are still in the testing phase. You can review the test trial by clicking here. Follow us to learn more advanced skills on FLIXSTOCK.

To learn more, please get in touch with us; our professional 3D product development team will assist you in enhancing your product and business.

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