featuring LTD Updates: 3D Denim Team Skill Up and 3D Lingerie Fitting Pilots

3D Denim: Team Skill Up

To enhance the realistic appearance of 3D products, our 3D product development regularly comes virtually together to share experiences.

The idea behind virtual fashion and digital solutions is that we can boost the market without physical samples. This way, we can help to eliminate overproduction and overconsumption, improving the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Styles can be designed virtually and sold directly through e-commerce. As well as ready-to-wear clothing, it can be made to order. Consequently, virtual products require a thorough understanding of reality.

The 3D development team has recently improved the existing 3D denim output, resulting in a more realistic visualisation of washes and finishes aimed at the reduction of wash samples, counter samples and even photo samples.


The size and shape of washing artwork can be adjusted to achieve different puckering effects on the parts of the inseam, outseam, bottom hem, pocket edges, and waistband edges by switching the placements of the wash effect.


Increase the pp effect level on portions of the mid-waistband, front/ back legs, back yokes, and pockets. The wash effect used on these parts needs to be carefully mixed and match with Light, Dark & Color wash effects. In this part, the trial-and-error process is most useful to check what looks the best and most realistic.


In the case of whiskers, the team creates the desired whiskers and applies them to the front panel, inseam, outseam, and folded back leg. A combination of light, dark, and coloured whiskers creates depth in the whisker effect. Our team adjusts the opacity and contrast according to the fabric shade to achieve the desired result.


The grunge-type wash effects in light, dark, and colour artwork are created on places such as the mid waistband, fly, inner pocket, back yoke, and other parts that require wash effects. By combining and overlapping different effects, our 3D product development team achieves these effects on denim by adjusting the opacity and colour.


For the destroyed effects (with and without holes), scratches, fringes, frayed edges, and white edges, our team found and modified some wash effect images online, where the shape of the effects was maintained by removing the background, but they also adjusted the contrast and highlights to enhance the image. As a final adjustment, the colour is adjusted to a very light bluish shade (if not black or grey denim) to blend the image nicely in 3D. The white edge is created by cropping wash effect images and applying them to the seam in Browzwear Vstitcher. The fur effect can be applied wherever hairiness is needed.


The 3D denim will be enhanced further by adding shadows around each cut and sew part, closed edges, open pockets, under collars, and inside pockets. Denim fabrics have different depths depending on the lighting settings. As a result, manually adding shadows along with adjusting the lighting will give the denim a desired look. Due to the lighting setting, some shadows may be missing from the 3D denim, so additional shades add depth.

To learn more about 3D denim and other catalogues, please contact us; our professional 3D product development team will assist you in enhancing your product and business.

3D Lingerie Fitting Pilots: VitalFit Software (VF) Testing

In its “3D Lingerie Fitting” pilot, featuring LTD recently achieved another milestone. We conducted a trial fitting with the VitalFit software. The big question was: Can we achieve comparable virtual fitting results to conventional fitting methods? By using the same set of 3D lingerie styles, we tested the pressed & lift-up effect on two sizes of virtual soft dummies. The soft tissue dummies were developed mimicking human models and their soft tissue placements in the sizes 75B – 100F. 

These images show the 75B virtual dummy being tested. During the trial, VitalFit can detect pressed areas on the shoulder and back wings. The condition is normal once every bra has been worn. The fitting of the shoulder strap is satisfactory.

This image shows the exact size of the 3D lingerie style on a 75C virtual dummy. VitalFit detects pressed and lifted-up bust effects during the trial (shown in blue highlight) and compressed brief effects. Overpressure at the shoulder point and neckline is apparent from the bust cup, which is too small and tight. In this way, the team can improve its fitting by reviewing and following the "colour map of compression."

According to the test pilots, VitalFit software (VF) is suitable for evaluating whether lingerie garments are correctly fitted and reducing the need for actual samples.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in lingerie and other catalogues; our team will assist you with enhancing your product and business.

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