[featuring LIMITED] We are open to visitors: Welcome to Digi-Hub Dongguan!

Digi-Hub Dongguan 'Back to Normal'

featuring LIMITED launched two Digi-Hubs in partnership with Browzwear in November 2021 in China and Bangladesh.

Though the Digi-Hub in Dhaka was open to visitors throughout 2022 for demonstrations and on-site workshops, the situation in Dongguan was different. Now that things are back to normal in China, the team at Digi-Hub Dongguan is ready to welcome everyone so they can discover 3D Product Development and Fabric Virtualisation.

Who can visit the Digi-Hub Dongguan?

The Digi-Hub is open to all OI and non-OI vendors, agencies, students and anyone else who wants to experience and try out Browzwear’s software. We have prepared demonstrations focusing on product development and fabric virtualisation. Both types of sessions can be booked via our site.

For specialised or customised sessions, please get in touch with our team to discuss further details.

In addition to demonstrations, the Digi-Hub space will also be used for on-site workshops which are currently being prepared with details and dates to be shared soon.

What will you gain from Digi-Hub Dongguan?

The Digi-Hub Dongguan provides visitors with equipment and facilities for learning about 3D product design through live demonstrations. Demonstrations and workshops in Dongguan will focus on the transition from digital to physical products. In addition to 3D devices for creating virtual styles, there is also a set up to turn the digital products to their physical twin, just on the spot. Our set up contains sewing machines, CAD for pattern making, knitting machines, and other finishing machines.

· 3D Knit & Apparel Development

Visitors can experience first-hand how to create designs, evaluate fit in 3D, modify pattern, grading, tech pack creation and dress up on 3D model. Furthermore, visitors have the opportunity to experience 3D knit developments and their transition to physical samples on our knitting machines. Systems like STOLL’s KM.ON and its integration with Browzwear’s Vstitcher are among the systems used.

· Fabric Virtualisation

Virtual Fabrics with their physical and textural features are one of the key factors for the creation of real-to-life simulations. The team in the Digi-Hub Dongguan explains the correct fabric digitisation and visitors can gain hands-on experience before moving on to 3D prototyping. Visitors can experience how to manipulate, control, and tile fabrics.

Become a part of the 3D creators by making an appointment now!

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