Browzwear ‘Ecoshot Intro Vstitcher Integration’

Browzwear published a blog post about Ecoshot intro Vstitcher integration titled ‘Elevate Your 3D garment presentations with Ecoshot intro- Now free for all Vstitcher Users’. Browzwear invited some users from a variety of companies. Featuring LIMITED‘s General Manager, Katharina Bobrowski, was also invited to share the 3D experience using Vstitcher and Ecoshot. Additionally, she explained how to leverage Ecoshot to serve customers and the benefits thereof better. 

With Vstitcher by Browzwear and Ecoshot by Metail, 3D solutions can be provided to complex industrial processes, including product development. To achieve sustainability goals, there will be a seamless transition from one stage to the next.

With Ecoshot Intro, users can create 3D models wearing 3D garments directly in Vstitcher, making 3D garment-on-model photography accessible. Designers can communicate their 3D designs with confidence and take their garment presentations to new dimensions while eliminating textile waste. Additionally, it eliminates the traditional way of getting more business by showing a digitalized human model.

Users of Vstitcher will be able to create and share on-model images with Ecoshot instantly. They can create natural-looking, true-to-life images directly from Vstitcher and explore an endless array of design and styling capabilities to elevate garment presentation quickly.

Ecoshot virtual photography over physical samples will accrue many benefits, such as speed, efficiency, and sustainability.

Read more on Browzwear‘s original blog.

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