A Customer Showcase of Tailor-made Horse Riding Jackets

CHEVARO, a German brand specialising in tailor-made horse riding jackets, asked featuring LIMITED to help them build their 3D images for their website and open up their virtual doors to their clients.

This customer only used the featuring team’s 3D styles on their website. Our team created different digital jacket style options and rendered different digital human models. Finally, 3D styles were used to replace traditional photo samples, allowing end-customers to create their own tailored horse riding jackets according to fabric choice, pattern, and accessories.

It was satisfactory for the customer to achieve what they needed in terms of 3D solutions. By implementing 3D design solutions whenever possible, businesses are able to maintain competitiveness, save resources, achieve sustainability goals, and operate in a more cost-efficient manner.

To learn more, please get in touch with us; our professional 3D product development team will assist you in enhancing your product and business.

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