featuring LIMITED developed with the feat.MASK a sustainable alternative to single-use face masks. 3D played a key role in the development of this product range and is also used in eCommerce.

feat.MASK is a great example of how 3D can be used from product development to marketing and sales, a truly sustainable approach. This shows how 3D can help companies with their digital transformation and sustainability objectives.

3D saves time and resources

Virtual designs and prototypes change traditional product development. Prototypes can be created digitally, and the use of physical materials can be reduced to a minimum. Sending samples and materials from far-way factories can be reduced and in the future literally skipped. This digital approach is an overall greener practice and does not only help to prevent waste associated with prototyping but also saves time. Increased digitalisation and becoming environmentally friendly can go hand in hand.

1 min
Fabric Digitisation
1 min
Print Preparation
1 min
2D into 3D
1 min
Composed photography
1 min
Total time spend on style

3D increases creativity

Endless modifications of fabrics, colours, and prints help creatives to visualize their ideas and generate multiple variations of styles in an instant. Real-to-life simulations help to create, comment and approve without the need for physical samples. Product changes can be realised with a couple of clicks. All this helps decision-makers to make founded decisions about products based on their digital twin.

Communication platforms enable teams to review, collaborate, and facilitate a target-oriented development and communication even in remote working scenarios.

3D in eCommerce

While the world is dealing with COVID19 the importance of eCommerce for sale is unprecedented. Using product images generated as 3D images in eCommerce is an alternative to traditional product shootings. Traditional photo studio settings, physical photo samples are becoming obsolete. The online shopping experience can be even further enhanced with technologies like EcoShootTM from Metail. EcoShootTM makes the illusion perfect and enables the dressing of digital styles on human models.

Want to know more about the feat.MASK, a reusable and sustainable alternative to single-use mask? Please see www.featfashion.com

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